Master/pregraduate project with possibility for phd extension in bioengineering of blood vessels (Odense University Hospital/University of Southern Denmark).

Scientific aim in lab Overall, our research lab focuses on 1) understanding the basics of fundamental biology in stem cells, tissue development and regeneration, and 2) applying stem cells in several clinical settings evaluating the use of stem cell therapy of multiple diseases for future regenerative medicine.

Project The master project will be enrolled at the University of Southern Denmark as part of the activities at Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (LMCC). The master fellow will be one of the main drivers on engineering blood vessels using a perfusion 3D bioreactor. In specific, the master will compare decellularized tissue to nanofiber scaffolds with the aim of bioengineering autologous human blood vessels from stem cells. The project heads for clinical implementation and thus contains preclinical testing in sheep. The project includes cell culturing, bioreactor handling, blood vessel quality evaluation (Flow cytometry, qRT-PCR, mass spectrometry, myograph measurements, assist on in vivo transplantation in sheep. Qualified applicants are preferably enrolled at Biotechnology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, medicine (pregraduate) or Biomedicine education tracks, but may come from similar disciplines. The master fellow will interact with collaborators at other institutions and companies, and is expected to be able to communicate in oral and written English. There will be possibility for extension into a Phd position after master completion.

LMCC is affiliated to the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology (KBF), OUH, Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) and the Department of Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), SDU. Professor Søren P. Sheikh is head of LMCC and KBF, and professor at IMM. Senior researcher Ditte Caroline Andersen and Charlotte Harken Jensen are responsible for the daily running of the lab, employed by KBF, OUH, and affiliated to ICR. The regular staff also includes 3 laboratory technicians.  In addition to the regular academic/non-academic staff members we count 5 PhD-students/postdoc.´s and 4 pre-graduate/graduate students.

At LMCC we all strive to reach the same goal working as a solid team and making all projects synergetic with daily supervision of all projects by senior researchers.

For further details please contact Co-group leader Ditte Caroline Andersen, e-mail:

Practical Informations

  • A letter stating your specific motivation for the project in question (max. one page).
    • Detailed CV, including personal contact information.
    • Certified copy of grades.

Applications or further info must be forwarded by e-mail to

Application deadlines: As soon as possible and until June 2016.