Ditte Andersen, selected publications

SELECTED PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (Total number: 29, 16 first-author, 3 last author, 9 corresponding authorships, and 7 manuscripts in preparation).

  1. Andersen, D. C., Andersen, P., Schneider, M., Jensen, H. B., and Sheikh, S. P. (2009) Murine ”cardiospheres” are not a source of stem cells with cardiomyogenic potential. Stem cells 27, 1571-1581.
  2. Andersen, D. C., Petersson, S. J., Jorgensen, L. H., Bollen, P., Jensen, P. B., Teisner, B., Schroeder, H. D., and Jensen, C. H. (2009) Characterization of DLK1+ cells emerging during skeletal muscle remodeling in response to myositis, myopathies, and acute injury. Stem cells 27, 898-908
  3. Mortensen, S. B., Jensen, C. H., Schneider, M., Thomassen, M., Kruse, T. A., Laborda, J., Sheikh, S. P., and Andersen, D. C. (2012) Membrane-tethered delta-like 1 homolog (DLK1) restricts adipose tissue size by inhibiting preadipocyte proliferation. Diabetes 61, 2814-2822
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  5. Aagaard, K. S., Ganesalingam, S., Jensen, C. H., Sheikh, S. P., and Andersen, D. C. (2013) Poor engraftment potential of epicardial progenitors upon intramyocardial transplantation into the neonatal mouse heart. International journal of cardiology 168, 4360-4362
  6. Andersen, D. C., Ganesalingam, S., Jensen, C. H., and Sheikh, S. P. (2014) Do Neonatal Mouse Hearts Regenerate following Heart Apex Resection? Stem Cell Reports 2, 406-413.