CV Henrik Daa Schrøder

Name:           Henrik Daa Schrøder

Address:       Hole Skovvej 95, 5210  Odense NV, Denmark


Birth:            Maj 4. 1949



MD from Aarhus University, winter 1974/75.

DMSci., Aarhus University,  October 1986 (Anatomical and pathoanatomical studies on the spinal efferent systems innervating pelvic structures).

Specialist in P athological anatomy and cytology, 1987.



Assistant and associate professor, Institute of Anatomy, Aarhus Universitet, 1975-1980.

Research assistant Department of Neurology, Aarhus Kommunehospital, 1980-1982.

Training in pathology, Aarhus, Stockholm and Odense, 1982-1990.

Consultant pathologist and associate professor, Department of Pathology, Odense University Hospital, February 1990-

Head of department, 1994-1998.

Professor in Neuropathology and neuromuscular biology, 2002 (Responsible for neuropathology, soft tissue tumors and solid pediatric tumors).



Member of the Board of the Institute of Anatomy B (Neurobiology)1975-1980

Member of the Board of The Clinical Institute, Faculty of Health, Southern University of Denmark, 1992-2001

Training courses in management, Fyns Amt 1990-1991

Head of department Institute of Pathology, Odense university hospital, 1994-1998.

Membeer of the steering group for The Indo-danish collaboration on biotechnology, funded by Det Strategiske Forskningsråd  2011-2015.

Have had own muscle research group since 2002


Committees ect.

Member of committees for assessment of applicant to academic positions and for evaluation of theses.

Member of “Faggruppen Retsmedicin og Patologi vedrørende den bibliometriske forskningsindikator”, FI.

Rewiever of articles in international Journals and of application to funds



Major research fields: Neurobiology, neuromuscular diseases, myogenic stem cells and neuro-oncology.

The current fields of research are regulation of myogenic stem cell activity, muscle regeneration and atrophy, muscle energy mobilisation and neuro-oncology.

Publications in peer reviewed journals: 157. H-index:37, total citations more than 4300.(generated by Thomson Reuters, ResearcherID based

Member of the committee for The Danish Consortium for Neuromuscular Disorders.


International collaboration:

Indo-Danish collaboration on biotechnology (funded by Det Strategiske Forskningsråd), The Muscle Group at Institute of Genetics, professor Kate Buschby, University of Newcastle, UK.



Principal supervisor for 9 completed Ph.D.-students in the neuromuscular field and in neurooncology. At present principal supervisor for 1.

Have supervised students in master and bachelore projects.